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MONAGHAN County Museum

Monaghan County Museum, 1-2 Hill Street, Monaghan Town, Co Monaghan

T: +353 47 82928F: +353 47 71189E:
Mon - Fri: 11.00 - 17.00, Sat: 12.00 - 17.00, Sun: Closed

Monagham MuseumThe Museum first opened to the public in 1974 becoming the first full time, local authority funded and professionally staffed museum in the country. During its history it has seen many social, cultural and political changes both at a local and national level. These diverse changes are reflected in the museum’s collection of artefacts and displays. The museum staff are dedicated to the goal of ensuring that all of our exhibitions and events are accessible to everyone. It has received many awards during its existence, the most recent being the first Local Authority Museum in the country to achieve full accreditation under the Heritage Council’s Museum Standards programme for Ireland. This was a very worthwhile process for the museum to be involved in and it is a huge testament to the commitment of the museum staff as well as the tremendous support received from Monaghan County Council and the Museum’s other stakeholders including the Museum Advisory Committee that Monaghan County Museum is now officially recognised as one of the most professionally run museums in the Republic of Ireland.

The Heritage Council’s Museum Standards Programme for Ireland (MSPI)

The programme consists of 34 broad standards covering all aspects of museum work including, exhibitions, collections care, museum management, customer service and building accessibility. There are two stages to the final award, the first being Interim Accreditation, which is gained when 25 of the 34 standards have been met and final full accreditation when all 34 standards have been seen to be met by a panel of independent museum professionals. As Monaghan County Museum is now fully accredited, the Curator and staff are acting as mentor to a number of other museums throughout the country that are currently working through the programme.